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Customer FAQ’s


Insured Electricians

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What is the process and steps of your work?
With any of our high-quality electrical work (no matter the size), Wattcom Electric details entire work process in steps as following:
Step 1 – Estimating/Analysis of Existing Conditions
One of our highly trained Electrical Consultants will conduct a comprehensive inspection of your electrical units and surrounding areas to determine the scope of work necessary, and any existing or potential problems and will create a detailed overview if necessary. 
Step 2 - Customer Education and Consultation 
During this step we will provide you with all the facts and information gained by our inspection and analysis. We will explain what it all means and answer all your questions. In addition, we will listen to your concerns, ideas and objectives, and assist you in any manner necessary to help you make the best decisions regarding the scope of work and materials for your project. 
Step 3 - Agreement
The Agreement Phase is a result of, and will reflect, your decisions. Every contract is thorough, customer-friendly, and specific to your job. A Wattcom Electric agreement specifies the scope of work for your project, a listing of all materials needed for the job and our obligations and responsibilities to you.
 Step 4 - Repair and Installation
 The high technical quality and professionalism of our installations and services is there to satisfy our customers. We have a firm set of technical and behavioral standards to which we hold our team to.
Step 5 - Clean Up
Clean up around your home is a very important step for us, after completing any project. The area in which we worked will be inspected to insure that all debris is removed.
Step 6 - Follow-Up

How do you differ from other electrical contractors?
Wattcom Electric has no surprises when it comes to pricing. We will provide our customer with one point of contact and follow up throughout the project to make sure your needs are being met and questions answered.
Wattcom Electric provides Free Estimates, no matter how much time we spend or how far we had to drive. We also provide 24/7 Emergency services for your convenience, so you can rest assure.
Our company is built on serving the community. Most importantly, we understand your budget and make sure that our prices are extremely reasonable; after all we give 10% discounts for first time customers, contractors and seniors!

Do you guarantee your work and what if something goes wrong?
Yes, we give you a guarantee on our work, to fix or replace if necessary any and all defects due to imperfect materials and/or workmanship which may appear in the finished project during the period specified in your Contract. This Guarantee excludes normal wear and tear, breakdown and/or failure resulting from lack of proper maintenance, willful damage, negligence, vandalism, acts of God or other like causes.

Are your electricians licensed?
Yes. All of our electricians are licensed and experts in their field.

Do you have a certificate of insurance for worker's compensation and general liability?
Yes. Wattcom Electric is a licensed, fully insured electrical contractor.

Will ESA approve your work?
Yes. All electrical work done by Wattcom Electric will be inspected and certified by ESA.

What does Home Inspection cover?
Wattcom Electric Home Inspection covers potential electrical safety issues found in a typical home's electrical system, including proper electrical system grounding, conduit and wire integrity, main electrical panel functionality and other.

How much does an estimate cost?
We do FREE estimates and offer you the best solutions for the best price.

How do I pay you?
We accept Certified Cheques, Direct Deposit and Cash.

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